Mila Kunis Made Ashton Kutcher File For Divorce From Demi Moore

Mila Kunis Made Ashton Kutcher File For Divorce From Demi Moore

Did Mila Kunis force her current boyfriend Ashton Kutcher to finally file for divorce from his former wife Demi Moore? Just recently, we learned that Ashton filed the documents for divorce after being apart from Demi for over a year. Reportedly, it was because he really wants to marry Mila and have a baby with her. Did she push him into filing the docs?

A source revealed, “Mila was sick and tired of Ashton dragging his heels. She finally told him if he didn’t divorce Demi she’d kick him to the curb. But Ashton still waited until Demi was out of the country before filing the papers.”

In the paperwork, Ashton cited irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the split. He is also not seeking any spousal support from Demi and he doesn’t want the court to deny her that, as well. The source said, “Basically, he’s open to giving her something just to get rid of her.”

Lately, it has been rumored that Ashton is miffed at Mila for letting herself go. A source said, “When they started dating, he thought Mila was one of the hottest girls in the world. But in the eight months or so they’ve been together, she’s totally let herself go. When Ashton broke up with wife Demi Moore, he was ready to have a relationship with a low maintenance girl, but now he’s saying Mila is TOO low maintenance. Demi may have been crazy, but she always made sure to look good for Ashton, whereas Mila acts like she couldn’t care less.”

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