Mila Kunis Pressuring Ashton Kutcher To Divorce Demi Moore Already

Mila Kunis Pressuring Ashton Kutcher To Divorce Demi Moore Already

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced that they are divorcing almost a year ago, but the former couple still has yet to finalize the paperwork. Recent reports suggested that Ashton was in no hurry to get the deal done and over with — despite being pressured by Mila Kunis to take care of business.

It was reported at the time that Ashton had cheated on Demi with Brittney Jones and then Sarah Leal. Now, we’ve heard that he is dragging his feet with his end of the divorce because he doesn’t want to give Demi a large chunk of his fortune.

A source revealed, “Ashton is dragging his heels. Apart from the money issue, he says it seems cruel to sign the papers and cast Demi adrift when her life is in such turmoil. Mila has told Ashton to just pay up and put Demi behind him. Mila pointed out that as long as they’re still married, Demi won’t be able to move on and get on with her life.”

Isn’t Demi already kind of “adrift”? It’s not like they’ve been together this whole time. She may already be dating under the radar… What do you think? She can’t be at home pining away for him? Surely she could do better than a man who cheats?

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