Miley Cyrus Criticized Over Penis Cake Photos

For Liam Hemsworth’s 22nd birthday, former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus gave him what every girl would — a penis cake! Just kidding, no one does that, unless you’re at a bachelorette party. Miley was obviously trying so hard to be racy, sexy or over-the-top and she looked ridiculous.

Miley was seen in a slew of snaps with the cake, sticking her tongue out at it and overall just being silly. Apparently, that has angered some ultra conservative people. So she’s not a role model anymore, this is quite obvious. She wants to act more grown, as evidenced by the drink she was slugging underage. But does she pull it off? Ummm, not quite.

The photos of Miley and the chocolate phallic confection have infuriated people at the Culture and Media Institute, because we all know how much their opinions matter. Have you even heard of these people before today?

A statement from CMI reads, “Movies like Bachelorette and disgusting behavior like Cyrus’ may be part of the ‘real world’ of Hollywood, where casual sex is celebrated and frequent divorce is almost a rite of passage. But it is not the real world, because in the real world, sleazy behavior has consequences.”

And they had nothing to say about her drinking underage?? Ugh. Did you see the pictures? Was Miley trying too hard? Or was she just being Miley?

Photo Credit: Koi Sojer,

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