Miley Cyrus’ Dad Billy Ray Hopes For A Long Engagement

Miley Cyrus' Dad Billy Ray Hopes For A Long Engagement

When it was first announced that Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus had gotten engaged to long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, a lot of fans said that she was too young for such a big commitment. Now that the fuss is dying down about her happy news, her father is weighing in on the topic.

Country crooner turned actor Billy Ray Cyrus said that he hopes his daughter and future son-in-law have a long engagement. A source revealed, “They knew it was coming. Liam lived with Miley and her parents when they began dating in 2009. Billy Ray and Tish love him like a son.”

The spy went on to say, “However, Billy Ray is concerned about how young they are and he hopes that they aren’t in a rush to get married. Billy Ray hopes the engagement will be very long, but he isn’t opposed to the marriage at all. Billy Ray got divorced from his first wife Cindy though and he just doesn’t want Miley to go through a similar heartbreak.”

The source added, “Liam is part of the Cyrus family and he is very close with Miley’s mom, Tish. It’s a very special time for the family and it’s certainly not easy for Billy Ray to realize that his oldest daughter is getting married. In Billy Ray’s eyes she will always be his little girl.”

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