Miley Cyrus doesn’t care about Fuzzy the cat

Miley Cyrus doesn't care about Fuzzy the catMiley Cyrus has some really strange and dedicated fans. Just a month ago, a site popped up due to Miley’s decision to quit Twitter. The site involves the owner, a rabid Miley fan, and Fuzzy the cat.

You see, Fuzzy only has five days left until he becomes lunch, unless Miley reactivates her Twitter account. People tweeted, made videos, blog posts, and the whole shebang, but is it enough to save Fuzzy’s already short life?

Miley spoke with a father and his two daughters on Halloween, where they discussed the issue. Apparently Miley is not coming back to Twitter, under any circumstances. So Fuzzy is toast:

She confirmed the craziness in another recent interview with Zach Sang on Sweeet! Radio:

Suffice it to say, Miley does not care about Twitter — or your cat, for that matter

Source: Miley Cyrus Talks About Cat Murdered Over Twitter – AllieIsWired

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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