Miley Cyrus Doing The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake?

Miley Cyrus Doing The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake?

In case you haven’t vomited yet today, we bring you this little piece of news. Remember how we told you that Lionsgate Films is crapping all over your favorite movie of all time by remaking the famous Dirty Dancing? Well, yeah, they’re still going ahead with it regardless of how fans feel about it. So there.

You know what else? Miley Cyrus’ name is being thrown out there for the possible role of Frances “Baby” Houseman. Ugh. I can’t. Why, lord, why?!?

Several other names have been rumored to be taking the two main roles in the remake. Emma Roberts’ name has also been mentioned for the role of Baby. Also mentioned, but for Johnny’s role are Justin Timberlake and Derek Hough. Now, that’s not even right. No one should be able to take the place of the late, great Patrick Swayze. He was one of a kind.

You know who they should really get if they want a man who can move? Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Then I might watch. Who do you think they should get for Johnny and Baby’s roles?

I am still perplexed by them doing this remake. Are they really all out of ideas? It would seem so to me.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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