Miley Cyrus Intruder Arrested At Her Home

Miley Cyrus Intruder Arrested At Her Home

On Saturday morning, an intruder was arrested at the Los Angeles home of Miley Cyrus! Good news for fans, though, as she wasn’t home when emergency services were called to her home.

The authorities received the 911 call in the wee hours of the morning and came to her Studio City home. They found a man hiding in the bushes with a pair of scissors. The intruder’s name is Jason Luis Rivera and he is 40-years-old. He was busted for trespassing after scaling a fence to get onto the property.

He has been arrested and has had his bail set at $1,000. This was all done because he said he wanted to meet the former Disney star.

Scary stuff, right? Thankfully for her she wasn’t home while all of this went down. Why would he want to meet Miley carrying some scissors???

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