Miley Cyrus lied about her ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo?

According to the super sleuths over at Hollywire, Miley Cyrus’ tattoo originally said, “Justin”, as in the name of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

This blind item was released about the incident, previously:

“This A list tweener has a problem. Well more than one problem but there are some things that can never be taught. Anyway, she had a boyfriend. Not exactly being a role model she got his name tattooed on her body in a place most people won’t see for a few more months. Now though, she has a bigger problem than what people say about her tattoo and its location. She has a different boyfriend and he doesn’t like opening the presents so to speak and seeing another name so our tweener is going to change it but can’t decide if it should be the new boyfriend’s name or something generic like don’t chew gum with your mouth open.”

Apparently, when she started dating Liam Hemsworth, he didn’t exactly like what the tattoo said, so she had to get something new, especially due to its location.

Makes sense to us.

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