Miley Cyrus slams boob job rumors

Miley Cyrus took on a whole lot of rumors in a recent video she posted. She slammed reports that she had boyfriend Liam Hemsworth move in with her and debunked the rumors that she wanted to get a boob job.

MTV reports:

Cyrus also let it be known that “No, I don’t want a boob job,” and wrapped up the 10-minute video by launching into an attack on the paparazzi who follow her on a daily basis, and who may very well be ruining her life.

“I want people to know, I think in pictures I always look upset. It’s because these cameras are following me, and I just think it’s really unfair,” she said. “I know there some people that maybe like that attention, but I’m not one of them. I really just want to go on walks and enjoy where I live. The paparazzi really frustrate me, and it makes me really upset that I’m being followed around by men that I don’t know, and for anyone else, it would be considered stalking. I don’t know who those guys are. I don’t know if they’re good guys or bad guys. I don’t necessarily care; I don’t want anyone following me.”

I used to think that she liked the paparazzi attention. What do you think?

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