Miley Cyrus Spends $25,000 A Month On A Personal Trainer

Miley Cyrus Spends $25,000 A Month On A Personal Trainer

According to the latest Hollywood news, former Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus is shelling out a whopping $25,000 per month just to stay in shape! Could you imagine having someone’s yearly salary (or close) to burn on a monthly basis? We’re guessing girlfriend really cares about her figure!

A source has revealed that Miley wants to stay in shape so she flies her personal trainer to wherever she might be in the world. According to reports, Miley pays her personal trainer a nice fee of $200 per hour. When she travels, however, it’s a completely different story. She is said to fly the guy first class so that she can work out with him whenever she has a notion to.

Miley reportedly said, “I don’t mind flying him wherever I am. It’s worth every cent. I never thought I could look like this.”

Is she vain or just realistic? What do you think? Would you spend that kind of money on a personal trainer if you could afford it?

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