Miley Cyrus Stressed Out After Neck Injury

Miley Cyrus Stressed Out After Neck Injury

Miley Cyrus is said to be really stressed out after injuring her neck. Can you blame her?

The singer can’t seem to stop crying after she mysteriously hurt herself this week and was told by doctors to stay in bed in order to facilitate the healing process. She took to her official Twitter account to say, “In so much pain. I hate being sick. My neck f***ing hurtttttts. #stressed.”

She went on to say, “Really stressed out. Crying only makes me feel worse but I can’t help it. I am finally getting to perform #wcs and now this sh**s happening! Can’t move my neck. Can’t breathe. Can’t barely speak. Coughing like a MF. WTF?!?! I gotta stop working myself up though.”

On Friday, she tweeted, “Woke up & can’t move neck. SUCKS!!!!! SMH (not really cause I can’t move the damn thangggg!)”

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