Miley Cyrus talks about the end of Hannah Montana

In this interview with Miley Cyrus she talks about the end of the long-running show Hannah Montana. The reporter asks, “Are you excited or sad for the show to end?”

Miley responded:

“I’m really looking forward to it. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Right after this I go into an independent film called LOL with Demi Moore. With Hannah, I’ve been so attached for so long. It is so commercial and so franchised and done for such a big market. I’m going off that type of show into a film that is an indie movie. There isn’t a huge distributor behind it. I’ll be making a film that we think is going to touch people. It’s got a lot of edginess to it and it’s definitely not just for the fan base of Hannah Montana. So that’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. You never know how people are going react to that. But you’ve just got to choose things that you really like and that are right for you at the time.”

I’m excited that this show is over, too. Now I don’t have to have that crap on my TV. And as for the “film” your making, PLEASE DON’T! Spare us all from your retarded bullcrap. You brainwashed my little sister. (YOU SUCK)

I wonder what criminal act she’ll get caught with first? Drug possession, public nudity, or DUI (my bet is on the DUI).

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