Miley Cyrus talks Bret Michaels & drugs

Miley Cyrus is skanking it up a lot lately, but don’t fret! She wants all ten of her fans to know that she’s not on any type of drugs.

Of drinking and drugging it up, she said, “If I’m ever seen out dancing at a club having fun, I don’t want people to immediately go, ‘Oh, she’s on drugs, she’s drunk. I’m never going to be that person. As long as I steer clear of that and keep that mind frame, I think I’ll be cool.”

She’ll be hitting the bars when she’s old enough, though. She said, “I’m not gonna be like, ‘I’ll never have a drink in my entire life’, because that’s probably going to be a lie. There’s a right way to do so — everything is good in small portions.”

On Bret Michaels, she said, “Having him in my life and him telling me some of the stories and some of the dumb crap that happens…he just makes me never want to do that stuff.”

When speaking of her Australian boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, she said, “I don’t want to be heartbroken. He could go back to Australia any second. But I’m happy. It’s different from anyone else because he really is just an awesome friend too.”

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