Miley Cyrus to star in ‘Sex & The City’ sequel?

miley_sucksRumor has it that our favorite pole dancing cherry pushing chipmunk Miley Cyrus is planning on becoming a “serious actress”. That, and I’m sure I can sell you some swamp land in Florida while we’re at it.

Back to the rumor mill, shall we?

So, we’re hearing that the head honchos behind the “Sex & The City” sequel have asked chipmunk to play a role in the movie.

A source said, “Miley sees this as a transition from teen stardom to more adult roles. We’re all wondering how long it will take Kim to have Miley knocking back Cosmos and ogling all the men. Seriously, though, all the girls are excited to have Miley on board.”

Earlier rumors suggested that Miley would be doing a movie version of Carrie Bradshaw in her younger days.

What do you think?

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