Miley Cyrus too sexy for boyfriend Liam Hemsworth?

According to OceanUp, Liam Hemsworth is joining the hordes of fans surrounding Miley Cyrus, in saying that her image is a little too sexy and grown up.

Read on, from a source close to Miley and Liam:

“Liam tried to….convince her that fans were originally drawn to her wholesome image and now she’s going more into the Britney Spears category. He’s afraid she’s going to end up like Britney.”

It’s not only that, but the tattoo she got is causing trouble for the duo as well. The source adds, “It wasn’t so much about the tattoo itself, but more about the road Miley is going down. Liam doesn’t like the fact she wants to be seen as a ‘bad girl’ and a ‘sex symbol’. He thinks it’s fake. The first tatto was fine, ‘Just Breathe’ is the slogan for a cystic fibrosis charity she has worked with. But come on, another tattoo? All of this acting out garbage is not his thing.”

What do you think? Think they’ll be in splitsville before you know it?

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