MILEY CYRUS Tried To Seduce Sister’s Boyfriend

MILEY CYRUS Tried To Seduce Sister's Boyfriend

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Life & Style magazine with the rumors that she tried to seduce her sister’s boyfriend. A source revealed to the tabloid that Miley tried to put the moves on Brandi’s boyfriend Sam Hancock.

A source said, “She was trying to hook up with him and date him. She was basically trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend, or at least cheat with him.”

A pal of Brandi’s told the magazine, “Miley was sexually active from an early age. And it makes sense that she’d try to hook up with Sam. Girls always had crushes on him. He was the lead singer in a band.”

The source continued, “I have seen Miley flirting with Sam. Brandi would always complain about Miley hitting on her boyfriend. She does it for the attention, for the thrill and just to feel like she wins.”

The source added, “I’ve seen Miley hit on other boyfriends of Brandi’s. To be honest, I’ve seen her hit on her friends’ boyfriends as well. To be her friend or her sister, you just have to put up with her acting inappropriately like that. That is how she is.”

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