Miley Cyrus Was Bored As Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Was Bored As Hannah Montana

Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has revealed that she was so bored playing her alter-ego, Hannah Montana, and she’s relieved to be moving on with her life.

The show made her a household name, but she said that she felt stifled by her repetitive filming schedule, along with having to be on her best behavior at all times.

In her interview with Prestige magazine, she said, “I miss the family vibe, but I don’t miss the routine at all. I was so bored doing the same thing every day. It’s a lot easier, not being on a show, to live my life a little bit and do some of the other things that I want to do. I don’t have to be back at a certain time. You’re not worrying about a cast schedule or what the producers are going to think.”

She went on to reveal that she fears that she’s been typecast forever as Hannah and says that she wouldn’t exactly encourage her little sister, Noah, to follow the same path.

She added, “My little sister, who’s eleven, wants to go into acting. I just say, ‘Just wait, dude, because the way you’re going to be when you’re my age and the way you are right now are so different. Don’t put yourself in a situation where people are going to think of you as only one thing. You’re going to change a lot. It interferes with your growing up if you’re not strong enough and you’re not sure who you want to be. I’m glad I’m not a character any more and able to be me.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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