Miley Cyrus will knock a paparazzo out!

Miley Cyrus will knock a paparazzo out!

Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus isn’t messing around when it comes to the paparazzi messing with her family!

Twice now, Miley has busted a cap on the snappers! A few days ago, one photographer quickly brushed by Miley’s mother Tish, leading Miley into an altercation. Even more recent, Miley had to lay the smackdown again as she left her gym in West Hollywood, when a videographer got a little too close for comfort.

She’s not messing around! Reportedly, Miley lunged at the photographer and tried to grab his camera!

If you’re wondering why Miley isn’t answering charges of beating up these photographers, it’s probably because no one wants to come forward, like a wimp, telling everyone that they got beat up by Hannah Montana.


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