Monica Lewinsky Talks Bill Clinton Love Affair

Monica Lewinsky Talks Bill Clinton Love Affair

Monica Lewinsky recalled her 1990s love affair with then President Bill Clinton at a speech she gave on Monday, October 20th, 2014. She also revealed that she was in love with Clinton. Something that she had never confirmed before in all of the twenty years or more since this scandal did happen.

The former White House intern, who is now 41, and kicking off her first ever public address regarding her story. She brought up the fact very proudly that she was in love with her boss, a boss who was not only married, but also the President of the United States at the time. This very public speech of hers was given at the Forbes inaugural 30 Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.

The theme of Lewinsky’s speech wasn’t about having a love affair with the former President Bill Clinton. The theme that her speech did have was one of trying to launch her very own private campaign against internet shaming. Monica Lewinsky knew internet shaming very well after her affair with Clinton was released to the media. She did experience internet shaming on a grand scale back in the 1990s after news of her dallying with Clinton got into the news.

“I became Patient Zero,” explained Monica Lewinsky according to the magazine. “I was the first person ever to have their reputation totally trashed by the power of the internet. There was no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter back then. There were lots of gossip, news, and entertainment websites that did have comment sections and emails that could be forwarded between people. Around the world my story went and it became the fodder that does now make up what is known as social media.” continued to confide Lewinsky about her own personal shame at being caught as a woman who was trifling with the President of the United States.

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