Monsters University Bests World War Z At Box Office

Monsters University Bests World War Z At Box Office

The opening weekend of Pixar’s followup to 2001’s Monsters Inc., Monsters University has to proven to bring in quite the haul. The new animated flick featuring college-aged Mike Wazowski and Sully brought in a whopping $82 million in its first few days in theaters. Thus, the movie has bested Brad Pitt’s new offering in the theaters, zombie thriller World War Z.

While Monsters University brought in $82 million, World War Z was in second place with a total of $66 million in ticket sales. While that’s nothing to sneeze at, it appears that the family movie has won out this time.

Have you seen MU yet? We have and we offered up a brief recap of the flick at this link. If so, let us know if you’ve also seen it in 3D? Have you seen World War Z? What are your thoughts on which is the best movie in theaters at this time?

Watch the trailer for Monsters University below:

What did you think of the movie? We loved it! Kid friendly and the storyline made complete sense. Hit the comments and leave your thoughts below.

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