Mother apologizes for daughter’s fake Hannah Montana essay

Priscilla Ceballos, the mother who helped her six-year-old daughter write an essay that won them four Hannah Montana concert tickets, apologizes to everyone involved for the incident.

The essay, which was a real tearjerker started off by saying that the little girl’s daddy died in Iraq this year. Priscilla says that she didn’t intend for the essay to mislead anyone, but was caught up in trying to help her daughter realize her dream of seeing Hannah Montana.

She’s not reaching too high if that’s her dream.

Ceballos went on the Today show and apologized to the troops and said that she just wanted to help her daughter write a compelling story. When it came out that the story was fake, the tickets were yanked.

She asks that we don’t take out her mistakes on her daughter. Fair enough. We’ll take out the daughters mistakes on her, then. People really eat up this Hannah Montana crap, don’t they?

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