Music Review: Guns & Roses: Appetite For Destruction

1987 was a big year for Guns & Roses and their fans. They came out with a hit record, “Appetite For Destruction”. This spawned such hits as, “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Paradise City”, and of course, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

Axl Rose had some wild hair back in the day. Also wild was his singing, being cool and sometimes angry-sounding, and was only dwarfed by Slash’s guitar playing. I remember seeing the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video for the first time on MTV (do they still play videos?!?).

In “Welcome To The Jungle”, Axl is strapped to an electric chair and looks like a crazed lunatic. This was a high time for the band, as they were on top of the world. Axl brought a mainstream hard rock edge to this album and won over a larger audience.

Now, the world waits on “Chinese Democracy” to be released. This is an album ten years in the making. Better put that out soon guys, you’re losing your fan base. People are going to forget you exist, because they get tired of waiting.

In the music industry, as an artist, you’re nothing without your fans.

For now, let’s remember the ‘snake-dance’ and have a rockin’ vid from the band when Slash was still a part of it and they were still cool:

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