Ryan Lewis’ Upbeat “Thrift Shop” Single

Bad economy be… thanked?

Ryan Lewis has a look. It’s the look that comes through the 99 cent apparel, the half-long/half-stubble haircut, and the cheap clothes. Lewis wears the inestimable look of getting the job done, building class out of thin air.

Lewis is happy to boast that look in this well done, and rather polished music video about a rather unpolished subject (being poor, having to shop at crummy thrift stores, something we doubt any presidential candidates are doing). Singer Wanz throws down his own fortunate rhymes about pink granddad suit thrifting finds, and well… some people just understand the formula for awesome.

Here’s the scant details you’ll care about:

On September 4th, 2012, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a video promoting the deluxe edition of The Heist, showing it as a box made out of faux-gator skin. It also showed the tracklist, which is as follows:

1. Ten Thousand Hours
2. Can’t Hold Us (featuring Ray Dalton)
3. Thrift Shop (featuring Wanz)
4. Thin Line
5. Same Love (featuring Maria Lambert)
6. Make The Money
7. Neon Cathedral
8. BomBom
9. White Walls (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
10. Jimmy Iovine (featuring Ab-Soul)
11. Wings
12. A Wake
13. Gold
14. Starting Over
15. Cowboy Boots
16. Castle*
17. My Oh My*
18. Victory Lap*

A deluxe box covered with faux-gator skin? Lewis is clearly intent on going places in a revival of ghetto-fabulous meets the modern era of anything goes. And what’s he going to be driving, on the way to clubs (and we assume, a job)?

Nothing less than a pimped out Back To The Future Delorean with badass rims. We approve.

Well we’ve got a Delorean of our own at hand, and have come back from 30 years in the future to let you know: No, this song did not cure cancer or anything special. Sorry to get your hopes up.

But it sure got crazy popular. Because in a crummy economy, this one is fun.

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