Musical Tidbits – #16

Music sign in neonToday we’ve got some pretty nifty music news for you. So fasten your seatbelts and click on over to these cool sites that are reporting the best music news around the web!

  • Nivea is pregnant by Lil’ Wayne! – Celebrity VIP Lounge
  • Jet releases their new album title & track listing – Allie Is Wired
  • Blink 182 performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Hollywood Dame
  • Depeche Mode releases their video for “Peace” – Allie Unplugged
  • Gwen Stefani doesn’t want little Kingston to be a freak! – Tragicomical
  • RuPaul without the makeup & glam – Celebrity Smack
  • Kanye West & Max Headroom are over – Websters
  • KISS is releasing Paul & Gene action figures – Hook In Mouth
  • Music producer Phil Spector’s mug shot – Gossip Sucker
  • The Beatles Rock Band opening sequence – Afro Jacks
  • The Alarmists’ “Car Crash” video – The Listenerd

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