National Enquirer: Bill Cosby To Tell His Story To Diane Sawyer Or Oprah Winfrey?

National Enquirer: Bill Cosby To Tell His Story To Diane Sawyer Or Oprah Winfrey?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer features a story centered around the Bill Cosby rape allegations. According to the tabloid, Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey are both vying for the right to let Bill Cosby voice his side of the story in the accusations against him.

As you may know, more than twenty women have come forward to allege foul play against the legendary comedian. He has yet to issue a public comment except for some garbled nonsense that no one is able to make heads or tails from. Despite that, it appears to be a cat fight between Sawyer and Winfrey to see who gets to interview him.

From the magazine:
“Bill’s desperate to tell his story,” said an insider, but pals are urging him to stay silent.

“They’re terrified he’ll blow his legacy in one bad interview,” said a pal.

“But the money’s getting too good to resist!” Oprah and Diane have upped the ante – and the smart money’s on Diane.

“Bill thinks NBC burned him when the scandal broke last fall, so he wants to get even with them by going with rival ABC – and Diane!”

The big question is whether Cosby will come clean on TV, but the source added: “There’s no way Diane or Oprah will let him off the hook.”
We’re not really sure that he is actually “desperate” to tell his side of the story with regard to the allegations. He could have called up CNN or TMZ any day of the week in order to spill his guts, but instead, he’s been victim bashing.

What do you think?

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