National Enquirer: Chaz Bono Has Four Years To Live (Photo)

National Enquirer: Chaz Bono Has Four Years To Live (Photo)

The National Enquirer opted to step away from putting Kim Kardashian’s divorce as the main spotlight of their newest issue. Yes, there is a blurb, but it’s not Kardashian Kraziness ala the other tabloids today.

On the cover, Dancing With The Stars reject Chaz Bono takes precedence, with the quote that he has only four years left to live. According to their report, he’s been suffering from liver damage and the dancing competition only made matters worse.

Also in this issue, is Oprah Winfrey’s secret marriage of 30 years and the husband she’s been hiding. They’ve also got a smidgeon of space dedicated to Kim and Kris’ wedding scam, along with a Neo-Nazi marrying into the Swayze family.

Madness! Let’s hope they’re wrong about Chaz Bono’s health being so bad. I would’ve thought that dancing would’ve helped him work off some of the extra weight and that would’ve been a good thing. Who knew?!?

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