National Enquirer: Inside Kate Gosselin’s House Of Horrors

National Enquirer: Inside Kate Gosselin's House Of Horrors

Kate Gosselin is shown on the latest cover of the “National Enquirer” and the magazine takes its readers inside her family compound AKA her “House of Horrors”. From the magazine’s report:

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is a “witch on wheels” who terrorizes her nannies and orders her kids around like a drill sergeant, say sources.

Kate not only demands her help complete a back-breaking regimen of daily household chores, she also expects them to clean up after her chickens, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The hard-driving 39-year-old mom’s rulebook, the “Gosselin Manual” – obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER – spells out the duties that she expected her nannies to perform while she gallivanted around the globe for work and lavish vacations.

In addition to watching her brood, Kate demanded that her help handle cooking, laundry, landscaping, pool maintenance, trash duty and even tend to her flock of chickens. And MORE!

She sounds like an awful person to work for, doesn’t she? We’re going to need to check this issue out to learn all about this “Gosselin Manual” that she regards so highly. Does she also have a rule book for how her nannies should help raise her eight children?

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