National Enquirer: Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Are Dating

National Enquirer: Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Are Dating

Even though Jamie Foxx has already denied the rumors of any kind of romance with Katie Holmes, the rumors persist inside the newest edition of the National Enquirer.

The magazine reports that her ex-husband Tom Cruise will explode upon learning of their romance. The tabloid also reveals that Jamie and Katie have fallen head over heels in love with one another, but they are trying to keep it under wraps because of the fear of Tom’s reaction to the news.

From the magazine’s report:

Although Katie, 34, and Jamie, 45, were spotted holding hands and dancing at an event in East Hampton, N.Y., in August, her reps insisted that they were “friends, nothing more.”

But The ENQUIRER has discovered that the two are much closer — and our source details the sexy text messages and photos that prove it. Meanwhile, Jamie credits Tom with helping him to become a big star by pushing for him to be cast in their 2004 thriller “Collateral” – and Cruise even considers Jamie to be an honorary uncle to his and Katie’s 7-year-old daughter Suri.

“I can’t imagine how Tom will feel about his so-called friend romancing his ex-wife,” said the source. “There’s bound to be fireworks.”

Are you buying any of this at all? He has already denied the rumors and what do they care if they were dating and Tom found out about it? It’s not like there is anything that he can do about a possible romance between the two. Thoughts?

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