National Enquirer: Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Going Through $300 Million Divorce

National Enquirer: Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Going Through $300 Million Divorce

Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are featured on the cover of the latest issue of the “National Enquirer” and it appears that they are going through a divorce. It’s not just any divorce, either…the high profile celeb duo are said to be battling it out over their shared $300 million fortune.

Sources have said that after a separation and trial reconciliation, Douglas and Zeta-Jones are not seeing eye to eye. Reportedly, Douglas walked out on his wife after getting into an argument. An insider revealed that Douglas allegedly yelled at his wife, “This time around, you may be hearing from my divorce lawyer!”

The source said, “Michael won’t give up on this marriage easily. Remember, this is a guy who battled back from deadly stage four tongue cancer! But it takes two to make a marriage work, and Michael’s feeling is that Catherine has ‘checked out.’ So nothing is stopping him from throwing in the towel, too.”

Reportedly, Douglas and Zeta-Jones had a “big blow up” before he headed out to work on his movie “Ant Man”. The spy added, “He is preparing himself for the possibility of a $300 million divorce in 2015 if they can’t work out their differences.”

We’re guessing from the quotes that the magazine supposedly has that they have no concrete evidence that anything is going down between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. In fact, it’s likely that they put the year 2015 in there along with the word “may” in Douglas’ threat because if there is no divorce filing, then technically they weren’t wrong. Happy marriages in Hollywood don’t sell magazine subscriptions, do they?

Either way, we are guessing that if anything happens that causes either one of these two to file for divorce, the “National Enquirer” won’t be getting the exclusive on that story. It seems like it’s all made up to sell magazines. What do you think?

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