National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Has Brain Cancer!

National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Has Brain Cancer!

O.J. Simpson is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer and the tabloid is claiming that he is suffering from brain cancer. Perhaps it is karma catching up with him?

The magazine’s latest “breaking news” is that the disgraced former football player is facing one agonizing death. Even worse, he is begging for the people not to let him die in prison like that. Seems kind of bold for someone who allegedly killed two people (he got off, questionably), doesn’t it?

The tabloid reports that O.J. is begging President Obama to get a full pardon so that he can die in peace, instead of like a caged rat.

In addition, the magazine covers David Thibault, who just happens to sound exactly like Elvis Presley. From their report:

David Thibault has captivated Elvis fans far and wide after a video of him performing The King’s holiday classic, “Blue Christmas,” went viral on the Internet – and now The ENQUIRER has the incredible story behind his overnight success.

“All this attention is like a dream,” David told us in an exclusive interview. “I’m not sure how to handle it, but it’s fantastic!”
The teen rocker hails from a small town in rural Quebec and speaks with a heavy French-Canadian accent. But when he sings and plays guitar, he channels Presley flawlessly.

Check out his performance of Blue Christmas, below. Most notably, this rendition of the song has garnered over eight million views on YouTube.

What do you think of David Thibault’s singing ability? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts on that and O.J. Simpson’s pleas for leniency!

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