National Enquirer: Why Robin Williams Committed Suicide

National Enquirer: Why Robin Williams Committed Suicide

Recently deceased comedian and actor Robin Williams is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the “National Enquirer” and they have “obtained” his final photo for this issue. Little do they know, but TMZ had the scoop on that picture about a week ago when they covered Robin’s visit to an art gallery the Saturday prior to his suicide. The tabloid also claims to have the scoop on why Robin killed himself, even though they don’t cite any concrete evidence.

The magazine claims that Robin confided in a pal, “I have nothing left to live for!”

From his wife, we learned that he was battling a secret Parkinson’s diagnosis, but the “Enquirer” is also claiming that he was battling cancer, as well.

In the last photo of Robin – obtained by The ENQUIRER – the troubled star appears frail and gaunt… a grim-faced man alone in a crowd. It was snapped at a local art gallery where he and third wife Susan were surrounded by patrons. “But Robin appeared frightfully alone,” said a source. “No one knew – not even his wife – that he was going to kill himself just one night later.”

On Aug. 11, he would be found dead at 63 – after hanging himself with a leather belt in a bedroom at his Tiburon, Calif., home. In the days prior to Robin’s untimely death, confided a close source, “There were whispers he had cancer. He had lost about 20 pounds in recent weeks and in addition to the Parkinson’s, he must have felt like a death sentence had been placed upon him.”

He may have been battling cancer, but we also may never know for sure unless the family speaks out. We do know for sure that he was fighting depression for the longest time and then succumbed to it. Perhaps it’s still too soon for the tabloids to speculate like this? What do you think?

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