New details on Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift’s date!

On November 25th, Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Taylor Swift spent some time at a coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York, grabbing lattes. We’ve got some new details on their sweet date!

A spy at the coffee shop said, “He kind of reminded me of how a guy acts when he is nervous on a first date. Jake was close to her and had his hand on her lower back when they talked at the counter. He was very gentle toward her and was being super polite. Honestly, I didn’t know they were dating or anything like that, but seeing how they acted while they were here, makes me think they really like each other. He definitely showed a certain ‘this is my girl’ kind of vibe.”

Taylor was happy during the date, as well. The snitch added, “She was very talkative, very polite and ended her sentences with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. They were very nice to people who approached them. There were a few times people mentioned that they loved them. They smiled and thanked everyone. They were quick to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ a handful of times to fans and the employees.”

How cute!

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