New witness claims Jeremy London lied about kidnapping

In June, Jeremy London claimed that he received help from two men to change his tire, and this spurned a kidnapping and his being held hostage at gun point. Jeremy pressed charges against his supposed kidnapper, Brandon Adams, and went into rehab. He claimed that Brandon and a friend held him hostage and forced him to do drugs.

Brandon has maintained his innocence, saying that he only partied with the actor, and didn’t take him hostage, as reported. Now, a new witness has come forth corroborating his story. She said that she and her husband partied with Jeremy.

She said, “We went to this house in the hood and Jeremy was sitting in the living room partying and laughing. Jeremy was so high and his eyes were so red, he kept sunglasses on most of the time to cover it up. He wanted meth and said he had no money left, so we drove him to get money at an ATM….he hung and did drugs. In the morning, we dropped him off.”

She went on to say, “Brandon Adams should not stay in jail because he is innocent. He did not car jack Jeremy that night.”

I have to wonder if that’s enough to free Brandon. What do you think? The cops bought his kidnapping story hook, line and sinker.

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