Nicole Kidman Would Never Work With Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman Would Never Work With Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman says that she refuses to ever work with her husband Keith Urban. Can you blame her? You would think that would cause some tension at home or in the work place for the couple, no?

Apparently Keith is considering going into the acting business — because his future on American Idol is left blowing in the wind. Perhaps he wants something with a little more stability?

Reportedly, Keith was hoping to improve the odds of getting a part in a rom-com by having his wife be his co-star — but she’s not having it. In fact, because of her past work with ex-husband Tom Cruise, she thinks that their relationship would go downhill.

A pal said, “Nicole loves her husband too much to work with him on a movie. She wants him to pursue his dreams but is adamant about not working together.”

That and the fact that she’s basically box office poison should do well to keep him away from trying to work with her. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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