Nicole Scherzinger Bans Simon Cowell From X Factor Rehearsals

Nicole Scherzinger Bans Simon Cowell From X Factor Rehearsals

Nicole Scherzinger is not playing around!

Reportedly, the Pussycat Dolls singer has banned fellow judge Simon Cowell from her group’s rehearsals on the first season of The X Factor USA!

Now, as you know, we’ve been watching the show and recapping it this entire season. We’ve gotta tell you, it’s been getting pretty hairy between the judges. They are always clowning around and nitpicking with each other’s mentoring of the remaining eleven acts.

Nicole is still mentoring the Over 30’s group, which consists of Stacy Francis, Josh Krajcik and LeRoy Bell. On last week’s performance episode, Simon offered her some advice on which song to have Stacy sing. And, of course, Stacy wow’ed everyone in attendance.

Reportedly, Simon had been attending Nicole’s group’s rehearsal sessions and had been criticizing her mentoring of her three remaining contestants. Then, after Stacy performed Up To The Mountain and she killed it, Simon took credit.

A source said, “Last week, Simon made a big deal out of choosing Stacy’s song, and he said he didn’t think she’s connected with them all. She wasn’t happy with him at all – so now Nicole isn’t taking any chances. She’s made it clear these are her artists, she is mentoring them and Simon should back off!”

Can you blame her?

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