Nikki Sixx accepts Tommy Lee’s resignation

Who died and made him king of the hill?

Rocker Nikki Sixx has confirmed Tommy Lee is no longer a member of reunited rockers Motley Crue following a showdown between the two bandmates. Lee announced his resignation from the band earlier this year after falling out with Sixx and fellow bandmates Vince Neil and Mick Mars, after the trio joined forces to take the drummer’s manager Carl Stubner to court, accusing him of persuading the rocker to choose two TV reality shows over a lucrative Motley Crue tour. The trio claimed Stubner’s actions and Lee’s appearances on Tommy Lee Goes To College and Rock Star: Supernova cost them a small fortune and severly damaged the band’s reputation.

You know I have to side with Nikki Sixx because Tommy is a dog and gets punked out by people like Kid Rock.

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