No funeral services for Gary Coleman; Ex-wife claims she missed saying goodbye

Gary Coleman said that he didn’t want any memorial of his life when he passed away. The late actor was cremated in Sandy, UT on Thursday, but one person absent from the service was his ex-wife, Shannon Price.

Earlier reports claimed Shannon didn’t want to be present to say a final goodbye before he was cremated. She reportedly said that she said her goodbyes at his hospital bed. (Before or after the photo session?)

Radar Online reports:

The body of the 42-year-old star was cremated Thursday afternoon in Sandy, Utah. “She wanted to be there,” says Shielia Erickson, a rep for Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price.

Shielia says they found out about the cremation 4 hours after it happened. At the very least, Shielia says they should have been notified of the time, “even if we were saying a prayer at the time…It’s sad she didn’t know.

Something is fishy with this whole situation, in my humble opinion. The day after his death, she was talking about how he bought her a car, etc. She also pulled the plug on him early, despite his healthcare directive asking for about 14 days. Now, she is still vying for control of his estate.

Seems pretty ruthless to me. What do you think?

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