No Photos Allowed Of Lindsay Lohan At The Morgue

No Photos Allowed Of Lindsay Lohan At The Morgue

Lindsay Lohan is set to start her community service at the L.A. County Morgue today, but the workers there have already been warned — no photos allowed of Lindsay doing her service!

If anyone is caught snapping a photo of Lindsay while she’s working, they will be terminated from their employment immediately. TMZ reports that the staff was reminded that they are not allowed photos inside of the morgue that aren’t for official business.

TMZ reports:

As for what else Lindsay can expect when/if she decides to show up later today — the fabled linen patrol … i.e. washing the corpse fluid-soaked sheets that line the autopsy tables.

We’re also told the smell inside the morgue is so cripplingly noxious … it’s not uncommon to spontaneously vomit from the stench — and here’s the kicker … everyone has to clean up their own puke.

Lindsay would have to clean her own puke? Can you imagine? Ha. To get a photo of that, would be just priceless, don’t you think?

I wonder if she’s going to be on time for today’s duty? Because, you know, yesterday she couldn’t find the entrance….

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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