Norman Reedus To Do Twitter Q&A #AskNorman

Norman Reedus To Do Twitter Q&A #AskNorman

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead (and seriously, who isn’t?) and you want to talk to the one and only Daryl Dixon AKA Norman Reedus, then here is your chance! Are you excited?

As you know, the show’s fourth season mid-season premiere is on AMC on February 9th at 9PM EST. If you want the chance to talk to Norman on Twitter, then he is taking your questions on the social networking website at 8:30PM the same night! You can actually get your Norman fix right before the airing of the show!! Who wouldn’t want to talk to the elite zombie killing machine right before we sink our teeth into the post-fight happenings on the show? If you answered “me” to that question, please leave now, we’ll wait.

Norman posted this on his official Facebook page:

For anyone that uses Twitter:

hey! I’ll be answering questions with @iTunesTV on Sunday, 2/9 @ 8:30 ET/5:30 PT before the Return of TWD. Send yours in with #AskNorman!

What do you want to ask Norman Reedus on Twitter before the show starts?

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