OK Magazine: Cameron Diaz Wants Benji Madden’s Baby?

OK Magazine: Cameron Diaz Wants Benji Madden's Baby?

Cameron Diaz is on this week’s cover of “OK!” Magazine and the tabloid is reporting that she is looking to have Benji Madden’s baby. Better yet, the magazine’s cover is claiming that she is having Benji’s baby, so it sounds like they are claiming that she is pregnant, doesn’t it?

Despite having only been dating for a short time, it’s being claimed that Cameron wants to be a mother at the age of 41-years-old. She is currently 41 and and will remain so until August. Not only is she supposedly pregnant, but Benji has also agreed to elope with her. The magazine takes all of us inside Cameron and Benji’s whirlwind romance.

Also in this issue is an article on Ben Affleck’s gambling problems. He was said to have been kicked out of another casino and his wife Jennifer Garner is angry with him. She was so angry with his actions that she had to cancel her family vacation this summer.

There is also a piece on the divorce between Joe and Teresa Giudice, after all of their financial and legal woes — one would think they would’ve gone their separate ways already.

Lastly, there is an article on Kylie Jenner being tortured by her sister Kendall, but the magazine doesn’t yet specify as to why. Certainly, it could be merely sibling rivalry or just the opportunity to further their own fame via a tabloid.

What do you think of all of the nonsense on this week’s cover of “OK!” magazine? Do you think Cameron is already pregnant? We’re going to need some kind proof before we’re all offering up our words of congratulations to the actress. In addition, is Jennifer Garner upset enough with Ben that she is planning on filing for divorce from him? Strangers things have happened in Tinseltown, haven’t they? Either way, we’re sure that he isn’t likely to give up the gambling anytime soon.

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