OK Magazine: Kendall Jenner Is ‘The Hot One’ Now (PHOTO)

OK Magazine: Kendall Jenner Is 'The Hot One' Now (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner is featured on the cover of this week’s edition of “OK!” magazine and apparently she is taking over the reins as “the hot one”. Kim Kardashian is going to be miffed! Oh wait, or was it Khloe who took over the title after Kanye knocked Kim up? We can never keep track of these huge-bootied broads in this family.

Now that Kendall has scored herself some modeling gigs, she must think she’s the cat’s meow. Pimp Mama Kris must be so proud of her newest famewhoring daughter. Meanwhile, has anyone seen Rob Kardashian? Does anyone know/care about what he’s been up to?

Scott Disick was just recently hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, so we’re guessing that Pimp Mama Kris pushed this out into the spotlight in order to take the focus off of his alcoholism. It could happen!

Has Kendall (rightfully) told Kim that everyone thinks she’s a joke? And is Kendall really demanding twice as much money as her sisters do? She probably thinks she has actual talent because she knows how to show off her body. She has already taken way too many pages from the “Talentless Famewhoring” book — AKA Kris Jenner’s diary.

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