Ok! Magazine: Kim Kardashian Is Having A Baby!

Ok! Magazine: Kim Kardashian Is Having A Baby!

When the news was announced that basketball player Kris Humphries had proposed to reality star Kim Kardashian, the first thing that popped into our heads was the thought that she’s probably knocked up.

I mean, why else would this fool drop two million dollars on a ring that size for someone who has become famous for having sex on camera.

OK! magazine is just reading our minds here, from a week ago. For sure, we called that mess. There’s good reason why Kris Jenner is rubbing her hands together with that “my evil plan is working glare”. There’s probably a bun in this chick’s oven and they’re going to make millions from it.

What I don’t get is why these broads are famous in the first place. Do they have any discernible talent besides allowing themselves to get sold out on television?

Back to the story at hand. Apparently Kim Kardashian is pregnant. The title of this wonderful cover is “Kim’s Wedding Surprise: I’m Having A Baby!” with the underneath text saying, “She reveals her big news to family & friends. An overjoyed Kim says, ‘I can’t stop crying!'”

She can’t stop crying? Perhaps that’s because she’s busy counting all of the money that she’s going to make off of this whole wedding and fake baby business. Ugh. Someone shoot us now.

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