OK! Magazine: Sandra Bullock Having Ryan Reynolds’ Baby At 47 (Photo)

OK! Magazine: Sandra Bullock Having Ryan Reynolds' Baby At 47 (Photo)

Sandra Bullock and her buddy Ryan Reynolds are enjoying their made up relationship and they’re taking it to the next level! According to OK! magazine, the fake couple are having a fake baby together!

It’s not like she hasn’t dispelled these rumors before, but the tabloids just love to have a field day with her personal life. Sure, we would love to see Sandra and Ryan get together and be a real couple, but she has made it clear that she’s not getting his lovin’ after dark. Boo!

Their title: “Ryan makes Sandra happier than ever with a baby at 47!” Newsflash, genius, she’s already said that she and Ryan are just friends. We can’t merely will them into being a fairytale couple.

Plus, they’ve got the answer to why Ryan would make the perfect dad. Their speculation on that is probably because he gets along with Sandra’s son, Louis, and even carried him on his back as they went hiking. It was a cute photo, and we’re glad that Louis has a male figure to look up to in his mother’s friend, but they’re jumping to conclusions again. We know Ryan will probably make a great father….but magazines like this will throw celebrity’s names around just to sell magazines.

Also in this issue, Kate Gosselin is broke without her show, Kate Plus 8. Also featured is why Marc Anthony broke things off with Jennifer Lopez…because we’re sure that was his decision, right?


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