Once Upon A Time Recap 4/13/14: ‘The Jolly Roger’

Once Upon A Time Recap 4/13/14: 'The Jolly Roger'

Tonight on ABC is an all new episode of the hit show “Once Upon A Time” titled “The Jolly Roger”. In this episode, we get to see exactly what Killian AKA Captain Hook has been up to during his forgotten year. Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can catch our official recap of last week’s episode here.


The show opens with a knight threatening two other knights for their lives or some gold. They leave and it’s revealed that the knight is actually Hook. In a pub, Ariel holds Hook with a dagger to his neck, telling him that he is going to pay for what he’s done.

In Storybrooke, Regina is working on a spell that would keep Zelena at bay. Emma wants to work with Regina to team up to keep Zelena away. Snow and Charming offer to keep an eye on Henry, but Emma doesn’t think it’s a good idea because they’re all about the baby chatter.

Smee wants Hook to get the Jolly Roger back up and going again, but Hook doesn’t want to get turned into flying monkeys. He tells Smee that the Jolly Roger isn’t there and that he has no intention of leaving the town. Smee wants to go, but Hook wants to stay for Emma. She asks Hook to keep an eye on Henry so that Regina can train her in magic. Emma tells Hook that after she defeats Zelena, she will be done because Henry doesn’t belong in Storybrooke. He tells her that she can’t go back to her old life.

Snow and Charming are walking along the beach when they find Ariel, who has just washed up on the shore. Ariel tells them that she has traveled to every realm looking for Prince Eric so she came back there.

Back to Ariel and Hook’s fight, she tells him that he kidnapped Prince Eric. He grabs the knife and holds it to her throat. She says that the ship that took Eric was the Jolly Roger and he wants to know who’s captaining Hook’s ship.

Hook goes to the pub to wake Smee. He tells Smee that Black Beard has taken the Jolly Roger and he wants to make the pirate walk the plank. Ariel wants to go along with them in order to rescue her prince.

Back in Storybrooke, Hook and Henry are playing a dice game when Snow and Charming walk into Granny’s with Ariel. She tells Hook that she is looking for Hook, but he says that he can’t help her.

Regina and Emma are working on building Emma’s magic skills. Emma informs Regina that Hook is looking after Henry and Regina tells her that Hook has “yearning looks and doe-y eyes for her”. Regina transports Emma to a walking bridge to throw her into magic like Rumplestiltskin taught her.

At Granny’s, Charming offers to do a locator spell on something that belonged to Eric. Back in the forest, Ariel, Hook and Smee are looking for Black Beard. Hook tells Ariel to prepare herself for the worst because you don’t get to be a pirate captain by showing mercy.

In Storybrooke, Ariel and Hook go to see Belle at Gold’s shop to find something of Eric’s. He finds his telescope and sees the purple cloak that belonged to Eric. In Storybrooke, Regina is pushing Emma to trust her instincts to make her way off of the bridge. Emma can either stop the collapse of the bridge or die. Emma floats on part of the collapsed bridge with her own magic.

At Gold’s shop, Belle puts a locator spell on Eric’s cloak and it starts flying out of the shop to find its owner. Hook confronts the pirates who have taken the Jolly Roger so that he can deal out the punishment to Black Beard for stealing the ship. They sword fight and Hook traps Black Beard with a loose board, but Ariel stops Hook before he kills the pirate because she wants to know where Eric is. He offers to tell Ariel where Eric is if Hook gives up the Jolly Roger.

Ariel and Hook chase the magic cloak to the water and it goes under. Charming takes Henry to teach him how to drive. He takes out a mailbox and is a terrible driver.

Ariel thanks Hook for helping her find Eric’s cloak. Back in the past year, Hook is making Black Beard walk the plank and Ariel is objecting. Hook cuts Black Beard and pushes him over into the water as shark bait. Ariel slaps him because he’s selfish and hopeless for not helping her find Eric. She jumps off of the plank into the water and turns into a mermaid to find her man.

In Storybrooke, Hook stops Ariel to tell her that he hasn’t been entirely truthful with her. He tells her about Eric’s kidnapping by Black Beard. He apologizes for putting his ship over her love for Eric. Again, he gets slapped. She says she can’t help a man who doesn’t know what love is. He swore on the name of Emma Swan that he would help her, but it’s not really Ariel — it’s Zelena. She tells Hook that Ariel and Eric are living happily ever after. She cursed Hook’s lips so that the next time he kisses Emma, her magic will be gone. He threatens to tell Emma, but she says that she will send the Dark One to kill Emma. Zelena threatens Snow, Charming and Henry. Zelena tells Hook to kiss Emma and remove her powers or everyone she loves is going to die.

Hook knocks on Emma’s door and tells her that Henry is back with his grandparents. He tells Emma that he was trying to help Ariel find Eric. Regina tells her to look through the mirror into the other world to see Ariel. They see Ariel and Eric together. Henry comes in with Snow and Charming and he tells them all that Henry drove Charming’s truck.

They all go out to eat at Granny’s without Killian and he watches Emma from afar using his telescope.

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