Once Upon A Time Recap ‘That Still Small Voice’ Season 1 Episode 5 11/27/11

Once Upon A Time Recap 'That Still Small Voice' Season 1 Episode 5 11/27/11

After a brief two week break, Once Upon A Time is back on this evening with episode five, titled, That Still Small Voice. It looks like this episode is going to packed full of real danger and excitement for Henry and the people of Storybrooke as Emma takes over as Deputy in the small town.

It also looks like Regina is forced to make Archie, Henry’s psychiatrist, push Henry to give up his Fairytale and stop accusing Regina of madness and evil. While all this is going on it appears that Mary Margaret and David AKA John Doe from the hospital are getting to know each other while he is trying to regain his memory.

Tonight’s episode begins in Fairytale land with a puppet show at the market. A redheaded child is pick-pocketing thru the crowd. He belongs with the group that is putting the puppet show on. It’s Jiminy Cricket.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry is sitting with his psychiatrist talking about his Fairytale imagination. He asks Dr. Archie Hopper about being a cricket and Archie just doesn’t get Henry’s obssesion with this Fairytale Land.

Our sister site, Tragicomical, is liveblogging the show now with her awesome recap. Check it out!

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