Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Zelena Revealed

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Zelena Revealed

Before Zelena was the Wicked Witch on “Once Upon A Time”, she had her own story to tell. Fans of the hit show will be happy to learn that on Sunday’s episode of the show, we will get to hear all about how Zelena got so wicked!

We already know that she is Regina’s half sister, but she grew up entirely different from our favorite evil queen. In fact, she grew up in Oz, but has come to great power in Storybrooke and the enchanted forest. She now possesses the Dark One’s dagger so that she is able to control Rumpelstiltskin. In addition, she has used Neal in order to get Rumple back to the land of the living — despite not informing him of the price.

Are you curious to learn how Zelena got so wicked? Stay tuned for more details as they are revealed….


Rebecca Mader, the star who plays Zelena, spoke with “Access Hollywood” about the role on the show. When asked what she is after and if there is a goal to be obtained, she responded that there is a plan. She said, “Yes, there is definitely a plan and there is a method to the madness, and there’s definitely a reason and an end game, which you’ll start to see. We’re gonna learn a lot. This Sunday night’s episode is going to reveal a lot, and I can’t [reveal] the complete end game at this point, but this Sunday night, we do go to Oz and we do get Zelena’s backstory from very young, right up until present day, which I think will be great for the fans, because it’ll kind of help everybody understand why she’s become who she is now, why she’s so wicked and why she’s so hurt, which I think will be fun.”

When asked if we will also learn why Zelena is so green, she added, “Well, yes. We will learn that, definitely on Sunday. We’re gonna learn a lot, which I’m very excited about.”

You can read her full interview at “Access Hollywood”.

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