P. Diddy is guilty of assault, says witnesses

P. Diddy

Several witnesses have come forward to say that they saw Sean “P. Diddy” Combs assault real estate agent, Gerard Rechnitzer at a post-Oscars party last year.

Gerard has claimed that Diddy was hitting on his girlfriend at a party at Teddy’s, but when Gerard tried to escort his girlfriend away, Diddy clobbered him!

“I just kind of remember seeing [Rechnitzer] go flying, not flying as in like feet off the ground, but he went back significantly,” Marianna Ruiz, a witness, said in her deposition.

“I was just in shock that somebody would … just kind of strike somebody out of nowhere.”

Witness Michael Sherman confessed: “All of a sudden, [Diddy] hit him. And there was a taxi behind Gerard. Gerard got knocked into the taxi.”


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