Paris Hilton Comments On Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

Paris Hilton Comments On Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are not the best of friends as it were back in the day when Kim was her favorite hanger-on, but Paris isn’t holding a grudge when it comes to Kim’s recently announced pregnancy. Instead of chuckling about Kim’s ginormous butt getting ready to spread even further, Paris had some good words for the reality star. TMZ reports:

They ain’t exactly friends anymore … in fact, they’re more like fierce rivals … but Paris Hilton tells TMZ she’s happy her ex-BFF Kim Kardashian is knocked up with Kanye’s baby.

Paris — who is NOT with child — was on her way into Emerson Nightclub in Hollywood last night when we asked her how she felt about Kim’s super famous fetus.

“I’m really happy for her,” Hilton said.

Secretly, you know that Paris is hoping that Kim’s butt explodes to the size of a small third world country. Are we right? What do you think?

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