Paris Hilton Covers Vanity Fair Spain (Photo)

Paris Hilton Covers Vanity Fair Spain (Photo)

Here’s heiress and “businesswoman” Paris Hilton on the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair Spain. Why Vanity Fair? Why Spain? Most importantly, why so freaking beige?!?

Paris is looking super Photoshopped on the cover. Seriously, you didn’t think her wonkeye magically disappeared on its own, did you?

Yes, here at, we don’t pander to talentless celebrities in hopes that they will tweet our words of wisdom for a thousand pageviews. Nope, we call it like we see it. She’s useless and has totally paved the way in the world for people like the Kardashians to come in and take over our televisions.

So, we don’t like Paris. We never have. We quite possibly never will. That is, unless she saves the rainforests, baby seals, single-handedly gets gay marriage legalized and finds a cure for cancer, AIDS and death. Then we’ll look like total douchebags.

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