Paris Hilton Felt Ambushed On ‘Good Morning America’

Paris Hilton Felt Ambushed On 'Good Morning America'

On this episode of the Whiney Rich Heiress™, apparently some reporter asked Paris Hilton something that wasn’t scripted. So, she stormed off of the interview and marched right over to her publicist for an answer to the reporter’s *tough* question. After receiving an answer that didn’t make sense, Paris deemed it was better than what she would’ve said, which is likely, “But — I’m Paris Hilton!”

Paris agreed to give the interview and the questions were supposed to be surrounding her recent stalker. But the interviewer gave us the best minute of reality television ever when he asked Paris about relevence and then compared her to Kim Kardashian.

Dan Harris asked, “Do you worry sometimes that people that have followed in your footsteps like Kim Kardashian are overshadowing you?”

She replied, “No, not at all.”

Then, he asked the deal breaker, “Do you worry about your moment having passed?”

She got up out of her chair and headed straight for her publicist, because these aren’t the usual puff-interview questions that she was expecting. A source said that the question set her off because a few minutes before that they were discussing how successful her empire is. The source said, “It’s ridiculous that he went on and on about her making a billion dollars, and then asking if she’s relevant. She is upset. She felt ambushed.”

Oh noes. Someone asked her a real question…Whatever shall we do?!???

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